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Garlic has been around for thousands of years.  It is one of the oldest known food flavorings as well as a medicinal tool.  The more we find out about this bulbous marvel, the more we love it.  Have a problem with vampires?  Garlic!  Have a cold?  Garlic.  There isn’t much that this culinary marvel can’t do!  We are going to do a deep dive into garlic and hopefully, you will learn something new – and as we always say, it’s a good day when you learn something new! 

What is Garlic?

We all know it is an indispensable item in our kitchens.  We have fresh bulbs in the drawer, we have garlic powder in the spice cabinet and we may even be growing it in our gardens (more about that later!) – but do we actually know what garlic is?

Growing Garlic

Garlic is a super easy plant to grow!

Ways to Preserve Garlic