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Garden Gallery

Here are some pics from our members of the Neighborhood Food Network. If you have some you would like to share, please send them to us at

Sylvain Picker, Québec – Gardener and Founder of

“As you know, I am an old farm worker. But I am also very much in love with wild foods and Masanobu Fukuoka natural farming. So here is a photo of a bicycle parking that I seeded with seedsballs of kales, mustards, and Asiatic vegetables after cutting the weeds. The vegetables grew in a more or less “wild” form. But it is surprising, considering the low sun and no-tillage. I have invented a cheap tool to make seedsballs if it something that could help. There is also a photo of a mesclun that was planted with seedsballs in an agricultural field and another in a pot (an idea for kids). The results were fantastic. I have a lot more photos of those experiments. My pet project is the idea of making an efficient micro-farm to grow microgreens at home, without artificial light. So that if enough people use it, it could be the equivalent of many big indoor urban farms. And no plastics, as the micro-farm is made of clay. I am in the process of beginning production, first prototype batch has been made, the second prototype batch (for final design adjustments), in ongoing, and we will be ready to begin production in next month.

Anne Temple, Program Manager of the Neighborhood Food Network, Milwaukee, WI

I have been turning my backyard into a garden and have been able to produce quite a bit of food in the last 3 years. It’s my happy place for sure! I constantly marvel at how a tiny seed can grow into something that nourishes us. You can read my blog on it here.

Zen Honeycutt, Founder of the Neighborhood Food Network, NC

I am a newbie at growing food and raising animals and I am loving it! My family moved from a Southern California suburban with a patio backyard to a small farm in North Carolina with barns, pastures, and plenty of space to grow food. It is hard work, involving lots of animals, poop, pests, and challenges, but the thing I love the most is learning something new every day and marveling at the wonders of nature. You can read more on my blog here.