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Cover Cropping and Crimping

For those of you who are going to use cover crops in your garden this year, Mark Doudlah, our resident regenerative organic farmer of Doudlah Farms has graciously offered to make crimping tools that we can use to crimp the cereal ryegrass or whatever you are using as a cover crop.

You can watch our call on August 8, 2022 where he discusses the importance of cover cropping to not only increase the soil biodiversity but to also create a natural mulch.

Thank you to those people who signed up to receive a crimper. 

You will be contacted and informed of the cost for shipping, to be paid directly to Mark Doudlah.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

The photo below, taken in early May, shows the growth of the cover crop that was planted last fall.  Once the grass flowers and pollinates it will be “crimped” down, essentially killing the plant.  If crimped too soon, the grass will regrow as it has not pollinated and knows it still has some work to do, which is why we wait for pollination.  Plants are so smart!