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Garden Pests

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no such thing as pests in the garden? In Mother Nature’s intricate web of life, pests are a part of it. Someday we would like to be able to ask her why this is so. The big question we would like the answer to is “why mosquitoes?”.

Listed below are some of the common pests most gardeners get in their gardens and the organic ways to keep them in check.


Does anyone have anything nice to say about these guys?  What is their purpose beside causing fear and revolusion from anyone who comes across them.  And those nasty looking pinchers?  They do pinch, take it from me!


Another pest in the garden that only a mother could love.  These soft bodied dynamos stay hidden during the day and can cause a lot of damage to your plants while you sleep.  But never fear, we have some solutions for you.

Cabbage Worms

See those pretty white butterflies flitting around your garden?  Well these little devils are looking for your brassicas – kale, cabbage, collards, broccoli, etc. to lay their eggs.  Soon you will see worms on your crops and they are voracious eaters!